About Angels in the UK

Angels in the UK is a fan club (better known as a booster club in North America), for UK based fans of the Angels baseball team, of Major League Baseball. Perhaps surprisingly, for younger or newer fans of baseball here in the UK, we have members who remember fondly reading baseball updates from magazines shipped to the UK, with radio coverage via armed forces broadcasts being the only real way to follow the sport. There are some of us who embraced watching the trailblazing Channel 4 coverage of MLB in the 1980’s and who continued this love affair through the 1990’s and into the 2000’s with the iconic MLB coverage with Jonny, Josh and co on Channel 5, and tentatively joined the Angels and MLB forums and message boards in the early days of the internet.

Some of these stalwart Angels fans built a dedicated community on these early forums and via MSN Messenger groups, which then developed into small groups on MySpace and Bebo, as social media became popular. A new wave of MLB and Angels fans emerged across newer platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, often unaware of our long heritage of Angels fandom in the UK, and we recognised that we needed to rebuild our online presence in a more organised way, to help the UK Angels fans find one another. From this the Views Over the Pond blog was born, alongside the Angels in the UK fan club. This is the largest representative group of Halos fans in the UK. We are the only fan group that provides membership packs, merchandise, and a properly organised structure. We give a voice to all Angels fans who join our fan club and we share our member’s photos and stories of trips to the Big A.

The wider UK baseball community is also important to us, over the years we have donated sports equipment to schools and sports teams, we have activities for children to download and enjoy on our website, we have given away tens of thousands of baseball cards to fans of all MLB teams, and we run free competitions and giveaways throughout the season on our Twitter account. We also have our own merch store, run entirely not for profit, so you can rep Angels in the UK. Where else can you find all of this as an Angels fan outside the United States? Our fan club model is unique.

If you share a passion for the Halos and want to help grow the baseball community in the UK we do hope you join us. And when we say community, we mean just that, Angels in the UK is a community and part of the wider Angels baseball family around the world. We have a following of thousands across our social media platforms with our UK Angels fan accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We have active members living across the entirety of the UK, which can be seen via our membership map. We have opportunities for our members to contribute to the blog, to organise social events, get involved with the admin of our social media accounts, and much more.